PUBG Season 9-Spawn-Point

PUBG Season 9 Now Live on PC

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PUBG Season 9 is officially now out on a PC. Survivors should expect the secret and gross new Paramo map. Smaller improvements are also available in the upgrade, such as new skins, improved quality of gameplay and new gear, updated weapons, new ranked mode and more.

Watch PUBG Season 9 Launch Trailer here:

Features of PUBG Season 9:

  • All-new map: Paramo
  • Introduction of G-Coin
  • Survivor Pass
  • New Ranked Mode
  • Seasonal battles
  • Diverse map locations
  • Update of weapons
  • Updated UX/UI
  • Customized skins and assets

The new season 9 will release on Console (PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, Xbox One) soon on October 29. For more game updates subscribe to us here.


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