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Rainbow Six Siege Releases Year One Mode in its 5th Anniversary!

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In celebration of Rainbow Six Siege 5th anniversary, Ubisoft will host a new event named ‘Legacy Arcade’. This new event will feature year one mode of the game and bring back all the original maps, load-outs, operators, and more.


The first 20 operators of the game that were originally released will be showcased at the event. Apart from this all those gadgets and weapons that were released after one year will not be accessible in Legacy Arcade.

Explore Rainbow Six Siege Legacy Arcade Event Trailer here:

The event features maps like Hereford Base and House in both plane and original layout. The Plant bomb will be playable with casual rules where both defense and attack will go every round. Players will get the opportunity to unlock operators by playing Legacy Arcade and those players who have already unlocked all operators will get an Elf Ash Skin.


For more information about the game, visit the official website.

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