Sim Settlements 2

Sim Settlements 2 Getting New Storyline

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Sim Settlements 2 is announced recently and this time it’s getting Fallout 4 Mod storyline. It allows NPC settlers to carry out all the work themselves, to create their own houses and structures, which expand and evolve over time. All the settlements by the characters in the game have their own importance and reason.

Watch Sim Settlements 2 Fallout 4 Mod Story Trailer:

The game features several hunts, a side-quest, and some original, and fully voiced characters as shown in the trailer. All characters in the game sync with the different types of settlements. King Gath says that the plot will come in series, where Act 1 will come soon and the rest Acts will release next year.


However, the development team of the original and primitive game Sim settlements will continue to resolve bugs and provide support even after the new Sim Settlements 2 is released.


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