Winter War Update- Spawn-Point

Call of Duty: Mobile Announced Winter War Update

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Call of Duty: Mobile has announced the 13th Season of the game that is being known as ‘Winter War Update in Call of Duty’. As in all the previous seasons, fresh content updates, battle passes, soldier’s emote, skins, and more are also included in the new content update.


Activision is also bringing new rank series in the game as a result all the ranks of players will be rest with new ranks. Apart from this, the two snowy maps will also drop into the game soon.

Explore Winter War Update in Call of Duty: Mobile here:

Winter War Update in Call of Duty puts together two new maps, Nuketown Russia and Holiday Raid, new weapons SMG and Assault Rifle. The new game modes, equipment, operator skills, and a new level of scoring and Restock perk for players next week.


Are you ready to explore snow maps?

Download the Call of Duty game now from the App Store and the Google Play Store.



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