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A3 Still Alive Will Release on November 10th

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The latest RPG game title of Netmarble, A3 Still Alive is all set to release on November 10thon Android and iOS devices. The game was first released in Korea and after receiving huge success there the company decided to release the game in other parts as well. The game title combines masterful storytelling with a comprehensive and detailed interface that enables the player to adapt the skills of his own and his people.

Experience A3 Still Alive Gameplay here:

Pre-registration of the A3 Still Alive game is available for the players. The game will give players a lot of opportunities to build and grow their character, based on the class they select, by either engaging in the main story or its royal combat aspect.


This free-to-play game title is also available to pre-order on the iOS Store and the Google Play Store with in-app purchases.


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