Tinyshot Spawn Point

Action- Shooter Game Tinyshot Announced!

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The Headup Company is going to announce the action-shooter game Tinyshot in the Gamescom event. It is a 2D shooting game with a simple and intuitive story play of a player who made an interesting deal with the devil to help in getting his lost horn and in exchange gift him love and fame.

Explore the Tinyshot New Trailer here:

The game has fresh gameplay with punk music you can’t resist of playing. Players get to experience guns and weapons to counter enemies in the world of Tinyshot. There are also several game environments and gameplay mechanics to achieve the aim.

The creators have introduced cartoonish creatures and real elements in the game with challenging battlefields and quests.

Tinyshot Spawn Point

The game is developed by Allaith Hammed- a very young game creator who got inspired by video games at a very early age and decided to build games for the rest of his life. The Headup Company got amazed by the passion of this young boy and the novel storyline of the game.


This arcade 2D game will be released in the last of 2020 on PC via Steam, it will also be released for consoles in 2021.  


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