Adome Releases New Sci-fi Trailer

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The first-person adventure game Adome from Timsea Studios releases a new sci-fi trailer. This release of the trailer also gives us a confirmation that the game is soon to be released in digital platforms. It is a fun action-adventure game with intense gameplay mechanics which is going to influence players with its visual quality.

Watch Adome New Trailer here:

The game revolves around a city named ‘City of Light,’ which aims to secure the existence of future generations through a dome from the rising climate change. This new city searches for seeds, seven-year-olds who are educated by robots that look like human beings. The game has the outstanding technical capability and a simple storyline. The game reveals the importance of existence and nature’s value.


The instructors are IB1 of Ark B1, players will take the role of these instructors where they need to explore the city of Light and overcome all challenges and obstacles. Jumping, climbing, running up walls and shooting enemies are all part of the player’s role.


The game Adome will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

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