New World MMORPG

Amazon Delays New World MMORPG until 2021

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According to the official announcement by New World Team, Amazon has delayed New World MMORPG to 2021. This was done after receiving inputs from testers participating in the alpha testing stage of the game. However, this title was supposed to be released on 25th August and mark Amazon’s first venture into big game production.


As we know, the Amazon company has previously published its several game titles on mobile platforms and it was going to be a big event for them.

New World MMORPG

How To Get Early Access For New World MMORPG?

We must acknowledge the fact that the company is taking a cautious approach to game development with quality gameplay features. If players want to try the New World multiplayer game there’s an early access pass for players who signed up for the beta release before 9th July.

New World MMORPG


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