Arknights Releases Music Video with DJ Steve Aoki

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After the collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki Arknights in early 2020, now they together have released a Music Video “Last of Me” featuring RUNN. Arknights has featured music project as its one of the most unique identity of this game.


Till now there has been ‘Save Us from Ourselves’ soundtrack from Bear Grillz then ‘Survive’ by Quix’s and now the latest ‘Last of Me’.

Check Out Arknights Music Video here:

All the soundtracks beautifully transcend between game and music genres while blending artistic elements to the music world. The Last of Me created by Steve Aoki is the official theme song for Chapter 6. This music will serve as background music for FrostNova’s final battles.


Apart from the past 2D videos, this music video is shaded with unique elements of shaded animation for the climax scene in Chapter 6. The official release date is yet not known but untill then this music video is definitely going to be pleasing for our senses.



Space Rider is live! Click here to download the game from Google Play Store.

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