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Battlepalooza is Coming to Mobile Platforms on December 10th

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nWay recently revealed the release of Battlepalooza on both Android and iOS devices worldwide on December 10, 2020. This competitive multiplayer battle royale game is the first game to feature real cities of the world and gives google maps access to all players. This game is designed for all gamers with different skill sets, i.e. beginners or experts.

Watch Battlepalooza Announcement Trailer here:

Battlepalooza is presented to live players from all around the world as a multimedia game-show. This title features a drop-out multiplayer for easy and open gaming for up to 24 players with the potential of queuing as teams of two or three, respectively in duos and trios.


Battlepalooza has been developed along with the Real-World Gaming team of Google, using the Google Maps App to render playing arenas in real cities. At first, Las Vegas and San Francisco will host the event, with more city arenas added on a continuing basis.


Pre-register the game now from the official website to unlock some special rewards and offers.


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