Drone Swarm

Drone Swarm Release Date Officially Announced!

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The sci-fi strategy and adventure game, Drone Swarm release date has been officially announced. This game title will release for PC on October 20th, all players can also pre-order this game on Steam and can play a demo version before downloading the game. This demo version will portray the very first mission of the game, it will make you control over 32,000 drones that are set in space.

Watch Drone Swarm Latest Trailer here:

The key goal of the Drone Swarm game is to search for a new planet Earth with the help of 32,000 drones for all the survivors who have successfully managed to live after a devastating attack by the swarm. The players should defend the ship and attack opponents by following own strategies to attack the enemy. The gameplay features an amazing soundtrack and weapon and gears for the mothership.

Drone Swarm

The game consists of two editions, a Deluxe Edition and a Standard Edition. The Deluxe Edition is $29.99 and the Standard Edition of 24.99. Players who will pre-order this game now will get additional bonuses and can avail to the special offer i.e. the Deluxe Edition will be available at the Standard Edition price of $24.99.


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