DwarfHeim-Spawn Point

DwarfHeim Enters into Early Access from 22nd Oct!

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DwarfHeim is the real-time strategy game from Merge Games and Pineleaf Studio is soon to be released on early access from 22nd October 2020. Recently, the first revelation of the game was done during PAX/EGX Online 2020 Event showcasing four different game modes. This multiplayer game will feature a co-op gameplay style to defeat challenges and conquer victory.

Watch DwarfHeim Gameplay Trailer here:

DwarfHeim Early Access Content Include:

  • Thrilling Challenges- Choose a mode of your choice with 2 other teammates and come together to break their town hall by breaking the enemy’s defenses.


  • Skirmish- It is available in Single-Player and Online Co-op, players are tested on their strategy and put Dwarves in a more hard set of maps against an AI-controlled rival clan.


  • Survival- This is also available to play in Single-Player and Online Co-op. The competition mode is grueling and swift. All classes, constructions, divisions, and skills shall be unlocked automatically. All players need to challenge themselves and attempt to survive the attacks of the troll waves in survival mode.


  • Sandbox- It is available to play in both Online Co-op and Single-Player. Here all units and buildings are unlocked automatically.


DwarfHeim-Spawn Point

Get yourself in the worlds of DwarfHeim by wish listing this game now on Steam and for more game spills and details join the game Discord channel now!


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