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Google Reveals Upcoming Stadia Games Titles

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Yesterday, Google’s Stadia Connect rolled out and revealed over 15 games were introduced. While some were ‘Stadia Exclusive’ others were not. The event was released on 14th July and was a spotlight on few games and features about Stadia. Stadia is known to be a ‘Click to Pay’ feature where you will not have to wait for download or updates and can straight away start with the game.

One of the exclusive titles on Stadia is ‘Outcasters’, an eight-player competitive shooting game and ‘Orcs Must Die! 3’ which is a sequel and focuses on fights against orc armies. Some of the other Stadia exclusive titles are Harmonix (Rock Band), Uppercut Games (City of Brass), and Supermassive Games (Until Dawn).

Upcoming Titles in Google Stadia

New Game revealed in Google Stadia -1

Other Stadia non-exclusive titles are as follows:

  • Super Bomberman R Online (Autumn 2020)
  • One Hand Clapping (Live now)
  • Dead by Daylight
  • PUBG Season 8 (30th July)
  • Hitman & Hitman 2 (September 2020)
  • Hitman 3 (January 2021)
  • Serious Sam 4 (August 2020)
  • Outriders (December 2020)
  • WWE 2K Battlegrounds (18th September 2020)
  • PGA Tour 2k21 (21st August 2020)
  • NBA 2k21 (Autumn 2020)
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Autumn 2020)
  • Hello Neighbour (20th Sep 2020)
  • Hello Neighbour: Hide & Seek (Christmas 2020)

If you would like to give Google Stadia a try, click on the link below and you can have a closer look to what it is all about. The game below is Orcs Must Die! 3.


Play Orcs Must Die on Stadia!

Watch the Stadia Connect here!

The list has been growing since we were introduced to Stadia back in November 2019. We will keep updating the list as new games are announced.

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