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Great Conqueror Rome Launching on NS on Sept 24th

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The all-new strategy game Great Conqueror Rome is launching soon on Nintendo Switch on September 24th. The game is priced at $9.99 with an overall 10% discount for players in the first week. As the Roman Republic is on the rise, the game revolves around an intense rival among some powerful nations for supremacy.

Watch Great Conqueror Rome Trailer here:

The game involves an incredible tactical activity and depth where players also need to control commanders such as Caesar, Spartacus, Pompey, Spartacus, Antony, and Octavian. Take some important choices and improvements to ultimately lead to victory.


Ancient history can be relived across different campaign regions such as Asia, Africa, and Europe. Direct army through ancient battles, create settlements, hire troops, construct arms and naval forces, and develop modern technology to ace this strategy game.

Great Conqueror Rome

The two modes- The Conquest Mode and Expedition Mode is available in the Great Conqueror Rome with exclusive strategy gameplay experiences and wonderful content coming to Nintendo Switch.

Get ready to bring victory to Rome!


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