Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate Gameplay Unveiled!

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During the Gamescom event, 2020 the first-person shooter game titled Lemnis Gate has been announced. This time-bending game is developed by Ratloop Games and Frontier Developments is the publisher for this multiplayer title. However, the game will release during the first quarter of 2021 on PC and Consoles.


Lemnis Gate is a fun combat strategy shooter title with four-dimensional gameplay. The storyline of the game gives out countless options and endless results. This strategy-based shooting subverts one of the most innovative features ‘Auto co-op’ in the team-based matches.

Lemnis Gate Spawn Point

Check Out the Lemnis Gate Trailer here:

The game comprises of various game modes and player options where players can play this game with the single opponent (1v1) or in a group of four(2v2) or team-based matches. There are 5 rounds of incredible plays where players have only 25 seconds to blast an enemy, conduct any operation, or planning up the next move for the play. All battles are distinct with unique game mechanics and the concept of teamwork.

Lemnis Gate Spawn Point

The game gives you the experience of mental and physical combat, develop audacious tactics, learn the skills of your character, and dream of multiple measures out to succeed over time.

The game is available to play on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can subscribe to the official website to get the latest news about the game and announcements of closed Beta.



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