343 Industries Drops Stunning, New Halo Infinite CGI Trailer- Header

343 Industries Drops Stunning, New Halo Infinite CGI Trailer

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As Halo Infinite’s campaign launch draws close, 343 Industries have dropped a new CGI trailer snippet.

343 Industries Drops Stunning, New Halo Infinite CGI Trailer- Inner

Halo Infinite’s campaign launch is just around the corner and in the meantime, the players have had a lot of amazing content for their enjoyment. For instance, the shadow drop of the free to play multiplayer beta did come in the form of a pleasant surprise to many.

The game’s successful beta attests to the fact that the game getting the Gold status, is a feat that the game has earned for itself. While not much information is, as of yet, available for Halo Infinite’s campaign but it is highly likely that a portion of the players would simply be happy with just the multiplayer mode, alone. Even so, 343 Industries have now dropped a stunning, new CGI trailer.

This latest snippet (we have embedded a link to the video, in this post), in a brief cinematic, concentrates on the Master Chief’s battle against the Banished. The trailer’s description reads, “Dive into the fray with Halo’s most harrowing fight yet. You face an entire army of ruthless Banished soldiers. But they face the Master Chief”.

343 Industries Drops New Halo Infinite Trailer

This new trailer has, indeed, induced much nostalgia and with Halo Infinite giving off the impression that it will be falling back to the roots of the Halo franchise of video games, it is indeed a really exciting time to be a die-hard Halo player. December 4, 2021 is not far away and it is only a few days’ worth of waiting till the campaign releases to join the game’s already popular multiplayer mode.

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