Sagrada-The Dice-Based Board Game is heading to Android & iOS

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It is a popular dice-based board game which is launching today on iOS, Android and Steam with intelligent concept. This game comes in both modes i.e. single-player and multiplayer against human opponents or artificial bots.

Sagrada has all-new concept of placing the board with coloured dice that looks like a coloured glass window and the one who has created the most beautiful stained-glass window wins.

This is a cross-play platform with the availability of many artisan tools. There are some restrictions to where a coloured dice should be placed which makes it more competitive.

Check the official trailer below;

This game is designed by Dire Wolf Digital who are excelled in creating digital board games that gives out fun elements to all users worldwide. This game is also available on Steam with a cost of $7.89 for all users.

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