Space Rider

Space Rider First Teaser Out Now!

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Spawn Point Gaming has released its first official teaser of Space Rider game now. This casual genre title is the first game of the spawn point gaming studio. The game will feature multiple worlds with several characters and elements such as spaceships, colored coins, and so on. The game revolves around an infinite journey where players need to survive by avoiding obstacles that they encounter in different maps.

Check out the Space Rider teaser here:

The teaser is a glimpse of simple addictive gameplay that unfolds 3 different game environments or maps. The speed of spaceship raises as you progress in the game giving you a thrilling experience and thereby extending the depth of the game. Space Rider game is expected to deliver amazing gameplay with the best visual assets and sounds for mobile devices.


Players can gain points by participating in daily quest challenges and continuous playing. They can also unlock premium spaceships and other game assets through in-game currencies and real money.

Space Rider

Space Rider full gameplay trailer will be revealed by next week and the game is expected to release by the end of this month. Now this game will only be out exclusively for Mobile versions i.e. for both Android and iOS devices.


However, it remains to be seen what the forthcoming gameplay trailer of Space Rider will hold. Gear-up for a beautiful Space Rider journey! #RidersGotGame #RidersInStyle

Stay tuned with Spawn-Point News to get all more information on this casual genre game!


Source: Spawn Point Gaming