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The Horror Game Origin: Blind Maid to Release in 2021

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Warani Studios has finally revealed a creepy trailer of the Horror Game Origin: Blind Maid which is scheduled to release in 2021. According to the studio, they have taken the inspiration of this awful story by South American folklore. The game takes a unique horror approach with exotic environments like Gran Chaco and is characterized into five intense chapters all packed with fear and survival from the beginning.


This first-person horror game will feature combat with firearms, mixed gameplay, suspense, challenging quests, adventure and more.

Watch the Horror Game Origin: Blind Maid Teaser:

The gameplay of the Horror Game Origin: Blind Maid drives players or the main character to face vivid challenges, the main storyline is to control a politician who is highly corrupt and is planning to move away from Brazil when his actions are exposed. The politician will be compelled to tackle both ghosts and frightening South American folklore powers.


Blind Maid, a character with a tumultuous history, is being faced by players. The Blind Maid appears in the Teaser extremely frightening and will be one of the many threats that players encounter. Players will also be exposed to Karai Vosa, who is suffering from psychiatric disorders.

Blind Maid

The horror game features an aspect of progression where the player can boost his survival capability through his/her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ability. The Game is scheduled to release in early 2021 on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. Players can add this horror game to their Wishlist here.

However, more revelation of the game is yet to be done from the developer’s side soon. Stay tuned for the latest update here.


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