The Riftbreaker Free Prologue is Now on Steam!

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The new prologue from the Riftbreaker is available on Steam to experience the event before the main story campaign. All riftbreakers must follow a short mission before heading to distant planets of the Milky Way. This mission will give you a glimpse of the main storyline and challenges which is featured in the game.

Watch the Riftbreaker Gameplay Trailer here:

The gameplay revolves around a distant unknown planet of milky way galaxy called ‘Galatea 37’. The aim is to build a base there on the planet so that people can travel from Earth and reach them to create and expand colonization. For this purpose, you have complete equipment, resources, specimen, etc. Players need to use rift technology to gather elements and minerals which are scattered all around the planet.


The game is ongoing its development and its release date is also yet to be announced. Till then download the complete prologue from STEAM here and also add the full game to your Wishlist. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.



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