Battle Hunters-Spawn Point

The RPG Game- Battle Hunters Heading to PC & Switch on Oct 20th

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The classic RPG game Battle Hunters is heading to PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on October 20th. The playable demo of the fantasy adventure game will be available to all players between 7th and 13th October in Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition.

Watch Battle Hunters Trailer here:

Players will escort a team of three heroes who will dive in the dungeons, caves, and forests. It is a long tough journey where a wide variety of rivals and enemies and fearsome peasants can obstruct your travel through many parts of the country. The trio of heroes will face these challenges and fight against these dark forces.


Players can choose characters from 28 unique heroes such as wizard, Assassin, Gunslinger, etc. Each character possesses special fighting skills and powers to enhance the gameplay along the way.

Battle Hunters-Spawn Point

With a new and original fighting strategy, Battle Hunters offers the players a rare ability to create a squad of heroes by mixing turned-based combat in real-time. The players can use the best hero suitable for the fighting style and achieve victory.


Check out this game on Steam and Nintendo Switch on 20th October and also play the free demo version of the game to experience the thrilling adventure which will be live from 7th October.

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