Disintegration Game

The trailer of Disintegration game mode is here!

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Disintegration Game is all set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through Steam on June 16, 2020. This game is developed by Marcos Lehto who is also the co-creator of Halo. V1 Interactive and Private Division confirmed this announcement through a recent tweet.


Disintegration is a sci-fi shooting FPS and RTS game designed on a post-apocalyptic sci-fi background. V1 Interactive not only brings out this weird (in a good way) slow-paced action game with lots of shooting, lasers. Plus, pilots can also speak with emojis (yes, a holographic emoji).


The game will feature players who are pilots in an airborne battle with AI soldiers and other players. You can set up your crew and soldiers with a variety of abilities. This 5v5 will not only feature deathmatch but also zone capture mode and retrieval mode. Disintegration will also release with around 15 hours of a single-player campaign.

The trailer of the Disintegration game story is here! Check it out:

Players can also pre-order this game and can get bonus items such as midnight skin, Gravcycle, banner, and more. Now, Xbox One and PC are accepting all pre-orders via steam. Play out this remarkable game with three PvP multiplayer mode which will keep you entertained.

Credits: V1 Interactive, Private Division

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