Walking Dead Onslaught

The Walking Dead Onslaught Release Date Announced

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Survios Inc. and AMC revealed the Walking Dead Onslaught release date ahead of the finale premiere. The game is releasing next month on September 29, 2020, to PC via Steam, PlayStation VR, and Oculus Rift. This action game is fully based on Virtual Reality that will also be compatible with next-generation console PlayStation 5. The release of VR game will take place some days before the much-awaited Finale of The Walking Dead Season 10 which will premiere on October 4th.

Explore the Walking Dead Onslaught Gameplay Trailer here:

The gameplay allows players to step into an intense action mode and encounter strangers. It has various game modes that make them play and collect resources for their community, customize weapons and unlock new challenges.

the Walking Dead Onslaught

Players can pre-order this game and get exclusive gear skin, weapon skin, etc. on Oculus and Steam. The players will receive Digital Deluxe Edition and Survival Editions as bonuses. The former includes weapons pack, mini-soundtrack, art book, avatar pack and more. Whereas the latter includes character skins, weapon skins, etc.



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