Toxicant Horror game

Toxicant Horror Game Now Available in Early Access

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The Toxicant Horror game is out in early access for approximately 6 months. The Early access aims to get feedback from players which will help makers to revamp the final edit of the game and thereby delivering the best user-experience when the game goes live.

Check Out Toxicant Horror Game Early Access Trailer here:

The toxicant is a survival game in the horror genre where the levels and challenges of the game upgrade along the way. There are certain other items that can help you in navigation such as a compass, maps, beacons, etc. In order to survive the players, need to feed on canned food, some toxic mushrooms, stale wine, and more. The only way to defend yourself from evil is by using mining equipment as a shield or weapons.

Toxicant Horror game

The early access of Toxicant horror game is available to play on Steam for $9.99 with a 10% additional discount if you avail in the first week.


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