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Facebook is Winding Down Oculus Go Support

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Only two years after the Oculus Go was released, Facebook Inc. revealed that it is putting an end to the Oculus Go virtual reality headset. It is the cheapest and less powerful VR hardware of the company which was introduced in the year 2018.


With VR headset Oculus Go, the company planned to lay the groundwork for future VR headsets and offer the idea of VR services to people and then later educate them to upgrade it.


Last year, however, Facebook launched the Oculus Quest, which has a price of $399 and is now highly appreciated among the consumers. It is a more powerful, high-resolution display, and lightweight, which enhances the user experience to play VR titles.

Why Facebook is winding down Oculus Go?

The entry-level VR headset Oculus Go only offers 3DOF (Degree of Freedom) unlike the new VR devices like Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift (Rift S) which offers 6DOF. Now Facebook has planned to focus on 6DOF-future of VR and not on 3DOF VR products.


Facebook also mentioned that they would open the new Oculus Quest for more software and applications in 2020. Well, the current Oculus Go users need not worry as it will be still in use and Facebook will continue to solve bugs and patches till 2022. Nevertheless, there will be no new feature updates in the coming days.


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