Phantom Covert Ops

Phantom Covert Ops VR is Out Now

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The action game Phantom Covert Ops VR game developed by nDreams is out now on the Oculus Store for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift Platforms. Phantom Covert Ops price is $29.99, available to purchase now.



This VR game is seated in a military-grade operational kayak. It immerses the players in the role of a seasoned and deadly secret agent sent to hazardous wetlands to kill the former Soviet General Nikolai Zhurov.

Watch Phantom Covert Ops VR Gameplay Trailer:

Each event in the game, from quietly hiding as enemies to reloading weapons, and planting bombs, is recreated as 1:1, offering degrees of suspense, and anticipation that the stealth-action genre has never seen before.

Phantom Covert Release Date

This game is developed by nDreams with a partnership with Oculus Studios. Covert Ops was also stated as the most popular VR game in E3 2019 Game Critics award.

Hello Phantom, are you ready for a mission?

Check out this stealth-action game build with more high-tech VR content.


Source: nDreams VR


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