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First glimpse of Operation: Tango nearly an year ago by PlayStation, since then the game was much anticipated as ‘co-op spy adventure’ game and one of a kind. It’s stated that the game ‘has been like building two games in one, crafting a deep experience and robust gameplay for an agent who is physically within each location as well as for a hacker who has access to the far reaches of a digital infrastructure’. And now, as we are near the release date we would like highlight few features of this game.

Release Date: 1st June 2021

About Operation: Tango

Developed and Published by Clever Plays, Operation: Tango is a co-op puzzle solving ‘espionage-themed’ adventure game. The plot is set in a new future high-tech world where the missions are spread across the globe. The team consists of two player, one will become and Agent while the other will be the hacker, thus the tagline ‘It takes two to save the world!’. The success of the missions are liked to both players communicating and working together.

And as the PS Blog stated, Although both perspectives on the mission are completely different, players will always feel linked — and not just by voice chat. As the agent, you might notice a camera in the corner of the room you’re scouting’.

Each role is designed to allow players the ability to constantly surprise their partner with their unique contributions, and all scenarios are devised to encourage players to cooperate in ways they’ve never experienced within traditional co-op games’.

However, the game might offer co-op but it is certain that there will be asymmetry in it and alongside there were a lot of confusion regarding it’s latest gameplay trailer which was released around a month earlier. Many people stated that there is a lot of content. Looks like we have to wait and see how it goes.
We have linked a better gameplay preview below.

Watch Operation: Tango - HACK THE PLANET Gameplay Trailer Here!

Operation: Tango will release on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC.

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