Apex Legends Season 11’s Collection Event Leaked - Header

Apex Legends Season 11’s Collection Event Leaked !

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New Apex Legends Collection Event is on it’s way to Season 11 and dataminers predict it may be space pirate themed.

Developers Respawn have so far done an amazing job at keeping the game fresh and staying on top with their updates and fixes. The game has been garnering massive users due to its ornate Collection Event updates that arrive every season. 

After a tweet from a popular dataminer ‘GarretLeaks’, it is believed that plates will be seeing a Space Pirate Collection Event in Season 11. He also shared that the event can drop as soon as December 11th but usually the games’ updates are pushed on Tuesday’s so it is suspected that the date is more likely to be December 14th. 

In addition, an Epic rarity Seer skin will be featured in the event. The skin is quite plain, yet there is a skull motif in the centre of Seer’s chest. This adds to the Space Pirate concept, as pirate flags are frequently represented with a skull and bones.

Watch Apex Space Pirate Collection Event Video from Garret!

The Legendary Season 11 battle pass skins for Gibraltar and Mirage are both recovered Pilot outfits. This might be the source of the Space Pirate theme. In the Titanfall chronology, perhaps Pilots began recovering armour and embarking on their own adventures after the Frontier War.


During this Collection Event, we may also see a Wattson Town Takeover. There hasn’t been much information revealed on the Town Takeover, but we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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Source: Garret Twitter

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