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Get Battlefield 2042 For Free On Xbox This Weekend!

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Battlefield 2042 is one of the many games that will be available for free this weekend, on Xbox Live.

Get Battlefield 2042 For Free On Xbox This Weekend!- Inner

To say the least, Batlefield 2042 has had a rough start. And since its release in November, 2021, the title has not only gotten harsh criticism but also witnessed massive price drops and discounts to its price tag. Following a rocky launch, the game received negative feedbacks from critics as well as fans, for its underwhelming content and the bugs.

So far, to address these issues, the developers, DICE have already released a number of patches. Alongside that, the developer has also revealed that more seasonal content is on the way for Battlefield 2042, as well.

It was only this Christmas that it was revealed that Battlefield 5 had more number of players playing the game than Battlefield 2042, despite the fact that the former had been released a few years back and had also met with a negative response, from both fans as well as critics, at launch.

Although the game was advertised as return to the modern day of the Battlefield series, Battlefield 2042 received massive flak and DICE was criticised for the hasty release of the title. Moreover, several fans as well as critics of the series have compared the title to the best Battlefield titles, like Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, and have found the title underwhelming and falling far short from expectations.

However, DICE has not given up on this latest title, yet! And for the ones who are still on the fence about whether or not to get your hands on the game, you can come to a conclusion either way this weekend. Starting January 6, 2022, Battlefield 2042 will be available for Xbox as one of its “Free Play Days” title, up to January 9, 2022. This will only be a trial and hence players will not be able to keep the game, unless they purchase it after this weekend.

Play Battlefield 2042 For Free This Weekend On Xbox "Free Play Days"

During this time, the entire game will be available to players for free. In other words, there will be no limitations on the players, during this free trial period. In addition to that, Battlefield 2042 is available for both Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X at approximately $20 less than its price tag. So in case you loved the game during the trial then you can get your hands on it, at a slashed price, as well.

It is not clear to us whether the availability of the game, for a free trial, so soon after its release is just a push, post the holiday season or if it is signs of declining sales for what EA had expected to be its biggest title of the year. Either way, it will be difficult to arrive at a conclusion either way, because hard sales numbers are usually not released outside of investor meetings, except for if a game is having an excellent performance.

Upon release, it had been reported that Battlefield 2042 had been performing really well. However, it is not known how these sales have translated into long term player counts. However, it is for the sake of the Battlefield series hoped that the game performs well, with upcoming updates. Poor performance of the title, in terms of sales as well as performance will be putting the entire series in a tight spot. And it is hoped that it does not come down to it.

Battlefield 2042 developed by DICE and published by EA launched on November 19, 2021. The game will be the first mainline title in the Battlefield series of video games, after Battlefield 2, which will not be including a campaign.

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