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After Celebrating Success on Xbox ‘Call of the Sea’ Now On PlayStation Consoles !

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Developed by an Indie Game Studio in Spain, Out of the Blue Games released ‘Call of the Sea’ on 8th December 2020.  Call of the Sea was initially released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The game received and immense success by both critics and users. The game is available on PlayStation consoles from 11th May 2021.

Developers Out of the Blue and Publisher Raw Fury have now moved Call of the Sea from being and Xbox Exclusive to releasing it on PlayStation consoles (PS5 and PS4). Celebrating the success of the game, PlayStation Plus member can but the game for 20% off until 18th May 2021.

About Call of the Sea:

Call of the sea is an Adventure, Puzzle game developed on Unreal Engine 4. The plot is set around year 1934 in far reached of South Pacific. Norah , who is the main protagonist in this game, sets on trail on expedition of her missing husband where she finds herself in lush island of paradise. The game does not have a combat feature but instead, players must solve various puzzles to move ahead in the journey. The game is said to have only 4 -5 hours of gameplay but surely it will be worth your money.

Reviews by players and critic suggests if you are a fan of adventure games with ‘gorgeous visuals and a compelling narrative’, you should not miss out on this game.  

Reviews of Call of the Sea:

Watch Call of the Sea Trailer Launch Trailer Here!

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