Confirmed List of Upcoming Xbox X Series Games

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All exclusive list of confirmed Xbox Series X games has been announced. As the release date of next-gen Xbox Series X is getting closer, it promises to be the most powerful console in the world. The expected date of launch is not yet decided and is estimated in late 2020. If thing go right, PS5 and Xbox Series X might drop around the same time.

Do note that most of the games list below may not be Xbox Series X exclusive. It is more likely to be available on PS5.

List of Upcoming Xbox X Series Games :

SCORN (Xbox Series X Exclusive) -

Are you into horror games? If yes then this might be just the game you are waiting for. Scorn in FPS horror game developed by EBB Software exclusively for Xbox Series & Xbox Series X. Player will control a humanoid lost in nightmarish world filled with unexpected odd creatures.
Check out its trailer here!


Based on NFL (National Football League) this game has created its own space in sports genre. Developed by EA, it is an upcoming installation in long-running series NFL®. With new and innovative gameplay, this instalment will offer advanced level of controls and creativity. It is set to release in August 25th
, 2020.
Check out its official trailer here!


This action-adventure space combat themed video game, Chorus is developed by Fishlabs.  An Ex-cultist Nara is an ace pilot which player takes control of. With a haunted past, Nara has her own mysterious backstory. This game will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Microsoft Windows.
Check out its announcement trailer here!


This Action RPG game developed by Hardsuit Labs is presented by first-person perspective, but some specific attacks are third person based. From creating your own vampire character, selecting character background, ability to choose body type, criminal or police career, there is so much you can do in this one-of-its-kind world. player has a mobile phone and can text NPC’s to obtain information leading to missions. Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg in this vast game. 
Check out its official trailer here!


Do you like puzzle game? Do you like retro themed games? Well, we do! Call of the Sea is an adventure puzzle set in the world on 1930s. The games’ main character Norah in on a trail on finding her missing husband through clues and puzzles. Norah is on this beautiful and unique environment filled with secrets. Developed by a small studio in Spain, Out Of The Blue Games.

Check out its reveal trailer here!


It is an FPS (First Person Shooter) video game developed by FYQD Studio. It’s 1st episode was released on STEAM on Jan 2019. ‘Sheila’ is the main character with the ability to use guns, sword and melee attacks. If that wasn’t enough, ‘Sheila’ also has supernatural abilities. Overall its first episode had positive reviews by players and critics. Check out its gameplay here!

Check out its reveal trailer here!


One of the top-rated racing video game Dirt® has announced its 8th title version of long-running Dirt® Series. Developed and Published by Codemasters, this racing game is mainly focused on off-road racing. Dirt®5 includes a wide range of locations like China, Italy, New York City, Arizona, Brasil and Norway. This game is set to release in October 2020. Check out its Official Announce Trailer here!

Check out its reveal trailer here!


A Solo and Co-op Action RPG (Role Playing Game) set in a cyberpunk world. The Ascent is a mega corporation that owns everyone has collapsed. In this chaos and confusion, everyone is left for themselves. You as a player are supposed to stop gangs and hostile corporations from taking over. This game is developed by Neon Giant. Check out its gameplay here!

Check out its reveal trailer here!


Talking about horror games, The Medium is a next-gen horror game developed exclusively for Xbox Series X. If you a fan of Silent Hill series, then it may be a treat for you. This phycological horror game will make you inhibit a body of spiritual medium named Marianne. Marianne acts like a bridge between this world and the next. Check out its official trailer here!   

Check out its reveal trailer here!


If you were waiting for a Bandai Namco game, then this maybe it. Scarlet Nexus is a video game based in far distant futuristic environment. A hormone (psionic) is discovered in humans which allows us extra sensory powers. You take on the role of Yuito Sumeragi who has an aim to become an elite psionic in the armed forced. Check out its official trailer here!

Check out its reveal trailer here!


Developed by SEGA, this game is eight release of the Yakuza series. This instalment has some commons elements which precious versions had such as side activities like Karaoke. With new surrounding and elements, this game is promised to continue the legacy of this game series. Check out its gameplay here!

Check out its reveal trailer here!


This game is an intense 3 player co-op shooting where you aim is to vipe out dinosaurs. These are not some ordinary dinosaurs; they are genetically mutated. This game requires teamwork as you will adopt the role of one of the survivors. Weapons, Special Abilities, Bombs, Claws and much more. Second Extinction is developed by Systemic Reaction, Avalanche Studios. Check out its gameplay trailer here!

Check out its reveal trailer here!

These are few games that will be coming up on Xbox Series X. Let us know what you all think about this list. Subscribe to our newsletter here!.

If you would like a comparison between PS5 or Xbox Series X. Comment below.

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