Cris Tales JRPG

Cris Tales JRPG Available on Console

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Recently Modus Games announced the console demo of the Cris Tales JRPG game ahead of its official release on November 17. The players can play this game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo switch. In Steam’s Summer Game Festival the Cris Tales was one of the hype demos and now the makers are bringing a demo play for console fans.


The game has a 2D animations where players can demote the Colosseum stage of the game by battling 8 waves of the enemy previous to a mini-boss that will increase the difficulty in every round.

Watch Cris Tales JRPG Console Demo Trailer here:

The console demo is launched on the special occasion of Colombian Independence Day as the game is greatly inspired by it. The game is focused to bring past, present, and future on one screen. Players can make use of Crisbell ‘s marvelous ability to float through times, help people around the Kingdoms of Crystallis and compel opponents to battle on different occasions.

Cris Tales JRPG

Features of Cris Tales JRPG

  • Dark Fairytale world
  • Explore Past, Present & Future simultaneously
  • Turn-based combat
  • Great storyline & Characters

The game has created a great buzz since its first revelation at E3 2019. Now, players can try this demo version of the game on the Xbox Store, PlayStation store, and Nintendo Store.


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