Crunchyroll Premium Joins Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - Header

Crunchyroll Premium Joins Xbox Game Pass Ultimate !

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Owning an Xbox Games Pass Ultimate has never been better! With newly added games each month, over 100 HQ games and Xbox Live Gold, this game pass is a slowly becoming a must have if you are an Xbox or even PC user. With tie-ins with Disney+, Back 4 Blood, Fallout 76 and Apex Legends, the Ultimate Pass just keeps getting better.

And now, after teasing Xbox users that “something orange coming to the service this week.” they dropped their recent tie up with Crunchyroll streaming services.

Crunchyroll Premium Joins Xbox Game Pass Ultimate !

Crunchyroll Premium Joins Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - Inner

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular and highest rated anime streaming service in market. Alongside their stream service they also distributors, publisher who are focused on providing Anime, Manga and Dorama. With over 100 million registered users base worldwide, they offer over 100 anime shows to it’s users.  

This new tie up of Xbox has brought attention to their anime fan base. With perks like, unlimited ad-free anime, new episodes in one hour after they air in Japan, Crunchyroll store discounts and with over 30,000 episodes, they are set to attract more users for their premium game pass. They have also introduced plans starting from $7.99 per month to all the way up to $79.99 per year.


The deal is only available for new Crunchyroll customer and once you your membership is active, users will have 75 days to make use of the service.

So, what anime are you planning to binge-watch? Share with us!


Source: Crunchyroll X Xbox Game Pass

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