Edge of Eternity

Edge of Eternity Beta Version is Live

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The developer Midgar Studio and the publisher Dear Villagers have released Edge of Eternity Beta version. It is running Early Access update on Steam with a 30% discount for 8 days. The beta version marks in early access, where gamers will experience around half of the entire game that last about 40 hours of playing with daily updates.

Edge of Eternity

The game promises a world of adventure with a stunning soundtrack and strategic combat system which needs special skills, tools, updates, etc. It has a great storyline of hope and sacrifice with a full cast of characters.

Watch Edge of Eternity Trailer here:

Edge of Eternity Beta Update Highlights:

  • Advanced Battle Camera: Explore tactical and cinematic camera for combat
  • New Crafting tools: Collect materials and recipes to build your own gear and tools.
  • Updated Framework: Improved color, lighting, and also revamped lip coordination.
  • New Challenges: Updated events and regular quests.
  • Major and Minor bug fixes
  • Improved UX and UI
Edge of Eternity

The full Eternity game will release on PC via Steam, PS4 and Xbox. However, players can wish to list this game on Steam.

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