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eFootball: All We Know So Far

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The hugely popular association football simulation Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) or Winning Eleven (as it is known in Japan) was rebranded as eFootball by developer and publisher Konami. With the first edition of the game, being released in 1995, it has emerged as the second most popular association football video game, with FIFA taking the baton for the most popular.

The rivalry between the two has always existed and with every edition of both games, it goes up a notch higher. However, going by all the buzz around the latest by Konami, the change isn’t in the name alone. eFootball will be digital only. So this time around, we will not be having any discs at all. Another point to be noted here is that the game will be on a new gameplay machine, Unreal 4, unlike the previous editions.

Konami confirmed an early demo version for selected players to be out by early autumn of 2021. With EA Sports releasing FIFA 22 on October 1, 2021, we can hope that eFootball will have a mid to last September release this year. That is not all! This time around, the game will be free to play! And players will only have to pay for any premium in-game upgradations.

Watch the Official Reveal Trailer for eFootball here:

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Source: Konami