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FIFA 22 Closed Beta Is Live Now!

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The release date for EA SportsFIFA 22 is almost round the corner and we could not be excited enough. The good news is that you don’t have to wait till the official release in October, 2021, to try out the latest features of that the game will be offering. You can start flexing those gaming fingers right about now.

Every title in the FIFA franchise is one of the biggest highlights of the year, every year. This is especially true for the fans of association football video game franchises. It is no different for FIFA 22 as well. In case you are wondering what the game holds, we bring you good news. The closed beta testing for the game started on August 11, 2021.

Considering the hype that has been generating around the release of FIFA 22, would it be wrong to assume that almost everyone wants an in on the closed beta program. So, Well-wishers that we are, we bring to you all the insights about the eligibility criteria for the program. We will also be telling you how to get your invite to this much awaited and anticipated program.

The only eligibility criteria that you need to fulfil is that you have to be lucky! We are absolutely serious here! EA is randomly selecting the users who get access to the beta keys, instead of doing something like a Twitch drop. So all you need to do is be lucky enough.

Catch the Trailer for FIFA 22 Here!

However, there are few other things you need to take care of before you can be lucky. You need to sign in to you EA Account and select Email Preferences on the menu on your left.  You need to tick the box next to “Yes, email me about EA’s products, new events and promotions consistent with the EA Privacy and Cookie Policy”. Following this, you need to update your preferred games and click on the Update button.

Once you are done with the process, all you can do is wait and pray that you get selected. The only downside, as some might say, is that you will start getting promotional emails for EA as well. But that is just a small price to pay for an early peek into FIFA 22. Isn’t it?

After you have gotten the code, you need to go back to your chosen gaming platforms code redemption page and redeem the access. The closed beta program for FIFA 22 will continue till September 2, 2021.

We wish you good luck that you too get into the closed beta program, in case you were looking forward to you.

And in case you are here for the gaming news, you can visit here, for more.

FIFA 22, developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania, is set for its official release on October 1, 2021. The game like all others in the franchise, will be published by EA Sports. It will be available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation® 5, PlayStation® 4 and Google Stadia.

You can pre-order your copy of FIFA 22 here.