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The Reason GTA Online Players Are Walking in Endless Circles

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The world of video games never stops surprising us. Strange things keep happening day in and day out. And now, with the latest update of GTA Online’s Los Santos Tuners edition, things took a turn into the weird zone. The most dedicated of players have often been known to get up to strange antics, when it comes to collecting precious in-game objects and articles, especially when it can be gotten for free.

With last month’s update on the Los Santos Tuners edition that enabled the addition of newer car paint jobs and new clothes, players discovered that the best way to earn Tuner XP; was to let the game think that they are still online and playing. This concept, termed as AFK Farming is not something that is new to players of GTA Online.

Players have been known to leave the game on and go about their activities. Over the years, players have found ways to go AFK Farming.  However, a recent patch, nerf introduced by Rockstar Games, nerfed this glitch.

Dedicated players of the game, we cannot thank them enough, have found a bypass, by going round in endless circles for hours on end. As was noticed by Twitter user Dirty_Worka, and several others on Twitter, GTA Online players have been harvesting Tuner XP by walking in circles, quite literally.

This hack requires players to attend “Car Meets”. These car meets are the video game equivalent of the ones that we have all witnessed in the Fast and Furious movies. The game offers Turner XP points to players, every few minutes, for just attending these events. However, if you are heading over to one of them after a long time, don’t be surprised if you notice hordes of zombie players going around endlessly, bumping into each other and going back their own way. They are simply working hard to earn their well-deserved Tuner XP.

Players have found several ways to stay on top of their AFK Farming game in GTA Online Los Santos Tuners and Reddit is flooded with gaming hacks. Of all the hacks that garnered attention our personal pick was th3downfa11 grinding on two platforms simultaneously and all with a hair tie. While players claim that the method is a really slow one, many are resorting to it, since it hardly requires any efforts on their part.

Watch TGG's Breakdown of the Car Meet in GTA Online Los Santos Tuners

While players speculate that this glitch too will be patched up by Rockstar Games soon enough, I saw go ahead and reap them Turner XPs while it still lasts. All it takes is a hair tie and a controller after all.

The Los Santos Tuners is the latest update of Grand Theft Auto Online. GTA Online is a multiplayer, action adventure game that is published by Rockstar Games. It is available for PCXbox and PlayStation®.

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Source: Reddit

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