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Guardians of the Galaxy’s ‘Streamer Mode’ Allows Steamers to Evade DMCA’s!

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If you are looking forward to stream upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy’s game, you are in for a treat. Developers Eidos Montreal said that the game will have a streamer mode which will disable all licensed music and help streamers avoid getting slapped with DMCA claims. This stream mode was announced in an interview between VentureBeat and game’s senior narrative director Mary DeMarle

There were some recent clashes between gaming industry and music industry for music copyright issue where music producers sued Roblox for unlicensed use of their songs.
DeMarle said, ‘music plays a huge part in Guardians of the Galaxy and the games’ killer 80’s soundtrack will also be available via a jukebox on the Guardians’ ship.

Twitch often helps streamers to manage copywritten music by muting brief portions but many players and streams address this issue as contemporary solution to it. But, we are sure that this Streamer mode will have a huge impact on streaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube.


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The game is set to launch on 26th October 2021 on PlayStation®, Xbox, PC and Switch!

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