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Halo Infinite: First Preview Out Soon !

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Developed by 343 Industries, Halo Infinite, initially termed as Halo 6, will be the latest addition to the Halo franchise. The Master Chief will be back again for the next chapter in this legendary franchise. The game which has been in the development stages since 2015 will soon be out for its very first technical preview. It is being predicted that the first preview will be out as early as this weekend. Hundreds out of the thousands players who have successfully registered for the Halo Insider program, are going to be invited to this first playable test for Halo Infinite.

In the latest development update, 343 Industries claims that this test will focus on the multiplayer mode and the human players will be pitted against the AI bots. In its official statement, 343 Industries states that the first Bot-focused technical preview for Halo Infinite has been approved and could happen as soon as “next weekend” (please note that the announcement was released on July 23, 2021).

The Bot Arena playlist will be pitting four bots against four players on the Arena maps. Three maps, featuring Slayer, namely Bazaar, Recharge and Live Fire, will be made available for this preview. Before the actual preview, plans are in place for a livestream showcasing the build and allowing the viewers a walk through possibly every facet of this preview.

343 further states that it plans to invite every eligible Halo Insider to have a hands-on experience and get their take on the game, prior to the road to the final launch. The company stresses that it is absolutely necessary for completing all the steps to become eligible for this program.

Catch the Announcement for the Halo Infinite First Preview Here:

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