Halo Infinite First Reaction to the Preview

Halo Infinite: Reactions to the First Preview

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A lot was resting on Halo Infinite’s first technical preview. This would set the course of action for the game and let the players know if it was worth the hype. The preview, the first one, in a series of many, was held last weekend. While we were not a part of the select crowd that got a taste of what the game looks like at this stage, we sure were as hyped about the preview as anyone else.

Halo Infinite, the latest offering of 343 Industries, has been in the development phases since 2015. Following the success of the previous installments, a lot of hype had been created around this game. A day prior to the first technical preview, the company took viewers and potential players of the game on a virtual walkthrough, giving us a broad idea of what could be expected from this technical preview.

The motivation behind this was to stress test the game’s servers at this stage. It was also an attempt on the developers end to try the game out in real world situations and in as many devices as was possible for them. The players were all members of the Halo Insider program, who had completed their registration. The purpose of this preview was to let the players determine and provide their inputs on glitches that exist and how the gameplay can be improved.

Following a not so smooth start, the preview kicked off to much attention. And like the previous instalments, we hear, Halo Infinite, too, did not disappoint. Apart from the glitches that were being anticipated, we have only been hearing positive feedbacks on this first preview. Some of the highlights of the reviews we have so far heard include the easy customization process, solid maps, aggressive combatting, a very strong core loop and tight movements. Click here for the multiplayer overview.

Check the Multiplayer Technical Preview Overview of
Halo Infinite Here:

Going by this, we can surely hope that the game, when it launches will be an absolute treat. Going by first impressions, would it be wrong if we said that Halo Infinite one packs a solid one? There are a lot of hopes riding on it and we hope that they deliver.

Halo Infinite is slated for release late this year or early next year. The multiplayer version of this game will be free for play, unlike the previous editions of the Halo franchise. Here is hoping that the next preview, which is slated to happen soon, throws more light on other features of the game as well.

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