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Developers Gives-Out Halo Infinite’s New Multiplayer Details !

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343 Industries gave a ton on new details about their upcoming Halo Infinite’s Free Multiplayer mode. The game is set to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC later this year. Halo’s multiplayer will be free-to-play and will have cross-play and cross progression. More details on weapons, armor and sandbox are getting reveled and player are eagerly waiting to get their hands on it.

However, we all know that many games features free multiplayer mode but they include a season pass or a battle pass, and so does Halo Infinite. Once you have purchase the battle pass, it will never expire and player will be able to choose which battle pass to focus their progression towards. The good news is that the developers are moving ahead towards heavily armor, weapon and vehicle customizations without random loot boxes. Their battle pass will include customizations such as characters’ voice and adding prosthetics.

The Armor customization will include different coating, emblems, effects and all the typical armor pieces such as gloves, kneepads, helmet etc. A lot of customizations will be unlocked by grinding in the game and as of now developers have not revealed that the different sets of armor will have different powers or not.

Developers have something for players who are new to the game as well, Halo Infinite will feature an academy to let players get used to the game using bots in separate training and tutorial area. The area will be separate map to the environments but it is still not revealed on how many maps will be in the new game.

Our pick from the highlight is the that you can bring your own personal AI into the battlefield. The AI will be providing you with moment to moment update and will help your teammate in tasks such as bringing flags back to base. Your personal AI’s appearance and personality can be customized by you once you complete the tutorial.

Watch Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview Here!

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