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The Award-Winning Survival Horror Series Remothered is Back!

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If you are into survival horror game genre, then you might be familiar with ‘Remothered’ series. Remothered series is a survival horror game whose first part ‘Remothered : Tormented Fathers’ was a success amongst critics and users. Developer Stormind Games are now coming up with a sequel of this game named ‘Remothered: Broken Porcelain‘. The game has previously won ‘Best Italian Game’ award at IVGA (Italian Video Game Awards).

The Award-Winning Survival Horror Series Remothered is back - Spawn Point - 1

Remothered : Broken Porcelain Plot:

The rebellious Jen struggles after her expulsion from an all-girls boarding school to flee the Ashmann Inn, where she was sent as a servant. Jen is slowly becoming conscious of the tumultuous past of the manor alongside her new friend and fellow maid, the timid violinist named Linn. When both girls begin to encounter strange things involving the guests, a rude individual waiting in the hall and an intimidating presence from inside the hotel, the pair must truthfully escape their jail and their lives.

Meanwhile in its endless quest for Celeste Felton, a young girl who vanished years ago in unexplainable circumstances, the mysterious Rosemary Reed encounters an old Nemesis, the disconcerted owner of the Ashman Inn. Reed will reveal the role of everyone in this twisted plot for better or worse closer to the answers she is searching for than ever before.

The release date for Remothered : Broken Porcelain is set to October 20th,2020 and will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC.

Watch the Remothered : Broken Porcelain –
Ashmann Residents Trailer

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