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Sequel to Yakuza’s Spin-off, Lost Judgement Has Been Announced !

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Started as a spin-off of the famous Yakuza series, Lost Judgement’s initial development started back in 2015 under codename of ‘Project Judge’. Sega released this project for Playstation® 4 in December 2018 (Japan) and June 2019 (Worldwide). Recently in April 2021, a remastered version of this game was released for Playstation®5, Playstation®4, Xbox Series X / S and Stadia .

About Lost Judgement :

Lost Judgement is an action-adventure game Developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and Published by Sega. This game is a sequel to the thriller game ‘Judgment’. The ‘Judgement’ series lets players take on the part of an investigating prosecutor / defense attorney named Takayuki Tagami where he investigates a serial murder case in a fictional district of Tokya, Japan. Alongside, the game also has an investigation mode where players search for clues and evidence via infiltrating areas. Disguising, Lock picking, suspect-pursue are some additional feature which keeps the players hooked.

Lost Judgement will be released worldwide on 24th September 2021 for Playstation®5, Playstation®4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. The new game will continue Takayashi Yagami’s storey and will feature updates to the fighting and research areas of the game. Yakuza creator has revealed that the series Judgment would be the action cornerstone for the studio and, due to Yakuza’s popularity, the mainline series will develop as an RPG based on turns.

Judgement (Prequel of Lost Judgement) Reviews :

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