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MechWarrior 5 Will No Longer Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive !

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Released back in December 2019, MechWarrior 5 is a , action, simulation game developed by Piranha Games and Published by Sold Out. However, when MechWarrior 5 was released it was an Epic Games Store exclusive buy, which changed after Xbox Game Pass (as of May 2020). Developers are now adding more platforms including Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Steam and GOG, and are also set to released it’s new DLC pack ‘Heroes of the Inner Sphere’ on 27th May 2021.

One of the most impressive part of this game would be the ‘Restart’ button. Yes! MechWarrior 5 game understands the type of player you are, and it helps bringing these giant machines to life.
Over time from the Mech you choose to the cannons you mount, you transform your Mech into a humanized representation of yourself.

Brief About MechWarrior 5:

 MechWarrior 5 can be termed as Giant Robot Combat Simulation with a storyline that will follow with time. The story plot of this game is set in year 3015 during ‘final decade of the Third Succession War’ and the campaign goes upto year 3049.



And as the games’ brief describes:



A World of DestructionLevel entire cities and decimate armies of enemy forces while piloting hundreds of unique BattleMech variants.


Seek The TruthFollow a path of interstellar intrigue in a quest for glory and revenge as the leader of a mercenary company reborn in the flames of near destruction.


The Merc LifeManage the intricacies of running an expanding mercenary company, from the maintenance and acquisition of BattleMechs to the hiring of fellow MechWarriors.


Fight TogetherFight alongside your friends with four-player PvE co-op support.

Reviews of MechWarrior 5:

Watch MechWarrior 5 Announce Trailer Here !

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