Xbox Series S-Spawn Point

Microsoft Confirms Xbox Series S Launch for $299

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The Microsoft confirmed Xbox Series S official release which is scheduled to launch on November 10th. It is the smallest next-gen Xbox console introduced ever. This high speed and the high-performance next-gen all-digital console will be available for a cost of $299 (ERP). With access to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which will be available separately, the users can play out the amazing upcoming and existing game titles (100+games) exclusively.

Xbox Series S- Spawn Point

Interestingly, this new console is approximately 60% smaller than that of Xbox Series X and will be 4X times stronger than the former Microsoft’s console Xbox Series X. It will be available without a disc drive (Users need to first download or live stream games and movies) and is highly cheap for the gamers.

Explore the Premiere Trailer of Xbox Series S:

Features of Xbox Series S:

  • Custom 512GB NVME SSD


  • Faster load times


  • 4K up-scaling for games


  • Steady frame rates


  • 1440P at up to 120FPS


  • High performance and low latency


  • 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor


  • Dynamic, coolest and smallest Xbox ever

The console is efficient to give a tough competition to Sony’s PlayStation 5 with better graphics, visuals and impressive specs. The only drawback which I find in this upcoming console is the availability of less internal storage. However, the Xbox Series X is also soon to be launched in November 2020 with compatibility across four generations of console and high internal storage.


Are you ready to explore all-digital gaming experience?

If Yes! Then be ready to grab the next-gen console from November 10th!