Halo Infinite

Microsoft Delayed Halo Infinite until 2021

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According to the latest report- Microsoft has delayed Halo Infinite until next year i.e. 2021. The game is set to be originally released on Xbox Series X at 60 FPS giving out 4k resolution in real-time. It is a most exclusive title to be released on the upcoming console- Xbox Series X.


Recently the company tweeted stating that the delay was crucial at this point of the year as COVID-19 has severely affected us all and it is difficult to work on the development of a large game when all employees are working from home. Further, the company said that we need adequate time to bring on the most promising Halo experience for the players and fans waiting for this game around the world.

Halo Infinite

Explore Halo Infinite Gameplay Trailer here:

The gameplay revolves around a compelling story of the Master Chief who when returned confronted the most merciless and cruel rival- the Banished. However, the game got mixed reactions from the viewers as some also criticized the game for poor visuals and graphics.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is scheduled to release on Xbox Series X and Microsoft Windows. The exact release date of the game is yet to be revealed but till then click here to listen to the official soundtrack of Halo Infinite titled ‘Set a Fire in Your Heart’ which is composed by Gareth Coke.



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