Nvidia GeForce Now Enables Xbox Owners To Play Steam PC Games On Their Console- Header

Nvidia GeForce Now Enables Xbox Owners To Play Steam PC Games On Their Console

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Nvidia GeForce Now streaming service unlocks access on Microsoft Edge.

Nvidia GeForce Now Enables Xbox Owners To Play Steam PC Games On Their Console- Inner

With this, Xbox owners will now to able to get play PC games that is currently available on Steam, on their consoles, itself. Following this move, Nvidia GeForce Now will currently have access to a total of over a thousand PC games.

Now, Nividia has finally, officially started supporting the Microsoft Edge browser. This will be shipping on Xbox as a beta update on the Nvidia GeForce Now, starting from October 25, 2021.

This new development has brought the dream of playing PC games on Xbox, another step closer to reality. With the base GeForce Now streaming service being free, at the present moment, players will be able to stream hour long sessions of the very popular PC games, such as, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2 at 1080 p resolution!

Previously, players have been using remote desktop applications like Parsec to stream games on their PC in a browser. However, the problem with this is that it is necessity that you are in possession of a PC that is powerful enough to run these games on it. With the Nvidia GeForce Now, this is not a requirement. All you need to have is the Xbox console and you will be able to connect with the service via your browser and launch the games on your console.

Nvidia GeForce Now RTX 3080

It is really interesting to note here that the Edge browser on Xbox already supports inputs from keyboard and mouse. This allows for playing some of the games which do not have gamepad support enabled. However, the virtual keyboard only appears on clicking and the latency is not very great when it comes to multiplayer games. Thus, at the present moment, this experience is not really a great one for Xbox users.

As Nvidia works on expanding its GeForce Now to Microsoft Edge along with the addition of the RTX 3080 tier, the next great thing that most of us are looking forward to, for the streaming service, is an official Xbox client as well as a way for playing these games on the PlayStation consoles.

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Source: Forbes

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