Outriders Garnered 3.5 Million Unique Players In Its Launch Month - Header

Outriders Garnered 3.5 Million Unique Players In Its Launch Month !

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Released on 1st April 2021, Outriders saw a fair share of criticism amongst players and few critics. While the game had amazing gunplay, good narrative it still had a lot of major bugs, game crashes that overall let down many players.

However, Developers Square Enix and People Can Fly are ‘committed to improving and enhancing the experience in coming months’. And in their latest update, Outriders’ Community Manager wrote,

“Our latest patch, designed primarily to address the damage mitigation issue is currently running through some final testing. We’re hoping to release it this Thursday (May 20), but that will only be confirmed once it successfully passes through testing. The patch will additionally include crash fixes, as well as added telemetry to help us diagnose currently outstanding sign-in issues that might remain after this patch release. We are also still working on the player appreciation package.”

Co-Head at Square Enix, Jon Brooke revealed that the game has attracted over 3.5 million unique players since  it’s launch with an average playtime of about 20 hours. He also described the game as “on track to become the company’s next major franchise”.

Watch Outriders Official Gameplay Overview Here!

Brief About Outriders :

Outriders is a third-person looter shooter RPG developed by People Can Fly (PCF). The game is set in a distant future where Earth has collapsed, and humanity is nearing extinction. In a desperate effort to save humankind, the ECA (Enoch Colonization Authority) sends colony ships across the stars with Enoch as destination, a planet similar to Earth, humanity’s last chance of survival. Here, you fill the shoes of a member of the Outriders – an elite group of soldiers – trying to survive on a new and dangerous planet, afflicted by an endless war for survival.

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