PUBG Update 8.3

PUBG Update 8.3 Will Release for PC & Console This September

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As Season 8 of the game is about to end, the PUBG Update 8.3 brings in the new item that can momentarily refuse damage to the blue field, two new Sanhok Deathmatch Levels, multiple bug-and-hitch updates, and more to Erangel.

PUBG Update 8.3

Watch PUBG Update 8.3 | Patch Report here:

Features of PUBG Update 8.3:

  • Erangel Ferries- Four all-new ferries to travel between Sosnovka and Erangel Island


  • New Jammer Pack- It prevents you from the damages of Blue Zone at the cost of level 3 bag space.


  • Bootcamp and Pai Nan added to Deathmatch Team


  • Sound Improvements


  • Wooden shacks and Decoy Grenades included


  • Indicators for teammate combat


  • Minimap and availability of on-screen 3D teammate icons


  • Huge AI Improvements


  • Effective optimization of performance


  • Updated UX/UI and new skins and items
PUBG Update 8.3- Spawn Point

This new update is officially releasing on September 16th for all PC live servers and on September 24th for all Console live servers. To test the upgrade players can also have a test-play before launch.



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