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Roadmap of Pride Content for Hitman 3

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Hitman 3 Developers have announced a seacon season for ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ DLC which is ‘Season of Pride’. IO Interactive had already given us the heads-up about ‘Wild Peacock Suit’ in their announcement trailer but now the developers have full roadmap for the season in their new trailer and on their website.


Season of Pride has begun on 10th May 2021 and will run until 13th June 2021.

Developers said, The Seven Deadly Sins DLC continues with Act 2: Pride, taking you further into the mind of Agent 47. Prove yourself to be a proud assassin and gets your hands on some unique new gear and items; The Proud Swashbuckler, The Majestic and the Narcissus Suit can all be yours. Unlock them by playing the Pride Profusion Escalation, where you’ll be faced with different challenges, depending on the selections you make… Find the peacock to begin…


You can either buy each act of Seven Deadly Sins in Hitman 3 separately or together in a bundle.

Adding to this, IO Interactive have said there will be a bonus escalation act which will be free for players and will ‘act as a tutorial’ . It is a Dubai-based contract called ‘The Sebastian Principle’.

Upcoming Acts During the Season of Pride on
Hitman 3

  • Act 2: Pride / Seven Deadly Sins DLC
  • The Sebastian Principle / Tutorial Escalation
  • The Pasqual Consortium / Escalation
  • The Iconoclast (Mendoza) / Elusive Target
  • Spawn On Me / Featured Contracts
  • The Black Hat (Paris) / Elusive Target
  • Hitman Community / Featured Contracts
  • Location Rotation: Paris
  • Location Rotation: Sapienza (The Icon)

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Watch Hitman 3 Season of Pride
Roadmap Trailer Here!

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Roadmap of Pride Content for Hitman® 3 - Inner